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Code of Conduct

  • By entering either Menangle Country Club or Club Menangle Trackside you are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions of conduct.
  • The Club Menangle venues reserve the right to refuse entry to, or remove from, the venue’s any person who, in the opinion of any Club Menangle representative, is:
    • behaving, or is in a group of persons behaving, in a manner which is causing or is likely to cause disruption, nuisance or offence to other patrons, harm to persons or horses, or damage to property;
    • fails to comply with the dress code; or
    • fails to comply with any of these conditions of entry to either venue.
  • Persons who are or appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs upon arrival at either venue will be refused entry.
  • The following are not permitted to be brought onto Club Menangle’s venues (Bag searches may be undertaken to ensure compliance with this condition):
    • alcohol or illegal substances;
    • knives, firearms or other items that could potentially be used as a weapon; or
    • flares, fireworks, plastic horns, musical instruments, whistles, and other items which may have the potential to cause alarm and/or harm to animals or other patrons;
    • any other item deemed by any Club Menangle representative to have the potential to disrupt the orderly conduct at either venue and/or cause a breach of the Club Menangle’s duty of care to all persons entering either venue
  • Patrons may not bring animals onto the (other than a companion animal in the company of a sight – or hearing-impaired person).
  • Patrons are not permitted to trespass onto the Trackside racetrack at any time and will be prosecuted if they do so
  • Patrons may be requested to provide proof of identity and/or age at any time


  • Menangle Country Club and Club Menangle Trackside will adhere to full compliance with Liquor Act 2007.

                      Harness RACING NSW

  • Patrons attending racecourses in NSW are subject to the Australian Rules of Harness Racing (including the HRNSW local rules of racing) administered by HRNSW.


  • By attending a race meeting each patron acknowledges that he/she may be photographed, filmed and/or recorded in any way.


  • If you breach any of the above conditions, or Club Menangle (with reasonable cause) so directs, you may, without limitation:
    • be refused entry to either venue;
    • be evicted from either venue;
    • be required to surrender articles in your possession;
    • be reported to an appropriate law enforcement body.

Patrons must adhere strictly to Club Menangle’s directions and signage prohibiting smoking in all smoke-free areas as required by the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 (NSW) (Act). It is an offence under the Act to smoke in an area designated by the Act as smoke-free.