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Country Series 2022


Tamworth              11th January

Wagga                    21st January

Junee                      25th January

Parkes                    26th January

Newcastle              28th January

Final TPM               5th February


Blayney                  13th February

Goulburn                21st February

Bathurst                  23rd February

Newcastle               25th February

Wagga                    25th February

Final TPM               5th March


Bathurst                   9th March

Young                     11th March

Tamworth               17th March

Newcastle               18th March

Wagga                     18th March

Final TPM               25th March

APRIL 2022 SERIES – 4YO +. NR UP TO 58

Coolamon                 18th April

Parkes                       20th April

Newcastle                 22nd April

Wagga                       29th April

Forbes                        1st May

Final TPM                 7th May

MAY 2022 SERIES – 4YO+. NR UP TO 52. Also no more than 1LTW

Bathurst                     18th May

Tamworth                  19th May

Wagga                       20th May

West Wyalong           27th May

Newcastle                  27th May

Final TPM                  4th June


Albury                        10th June

Tamworth                   16th June

Cowra                         19th June

Young                         24th June

Newcastle                   24th June

Final TPM                  2nd July

Country Series Conditions 2022

For horses 4yo and older. All races will carry the base conditions of last 4 starts in NSW, trained by a registered NSW Trainer who is stabled 100km or more by shortest road distance from Club Menangle Trackside & have a stable return lodged with HRNSW 28 days prior to the close of nominations for the respective Heat. Horses may be exempt from the ‘last 4 starts in NSW’ condition only if continuously trained by a registered NSW Trainer for the previous 12 months.

  1. Horses must be stabled 100km or more by shortest road distance from Club Menangle.
    a) The HRNSW Handicapping Panel will adjudicate on this aspect.
    b) However, at the discretion of the Directors of the NSWHRC horses trained on the fringe of the 100km distance may be included, though only on application to the NSWHRC and subsequent approval by HRNSW.
  2. The trainer of the horse(s) which have qualified for a Final must remain as the trainer for the Final and likewise the horse must be stabled at the trainer’s registered stables up to the respective Final. Application must be made to HRNSW for any variation to this rule.
  3. A horse that wins a Heat or qualifies for the Final cannot compete in another Heat for that series.
  4. A horse that qualifies for a Final cannot compete in another other Club Menangle series run in conjunction with the series for which it has qualified.
  5. A horse that wins a Final cannot compete in another series for Racing Year 2022.
  6. The first and second placed horses in each respective Heat qualify for the respective Finals.
  7. If less than 5 heats are conducted or a Heat is abandoned immediately before a Final the two third placed horses from the Heats conducted next closest to the Final will qualify for the Final and so on.
  8. Reserves will be drawn for the Finals and will be the two third placed horses in order from the Heats conducted by date closest to the Final.
  9. The Unfulfilled Engagement Rule will apply with respect to the Heats. That is a horse which has a start in a Heat of the series will be the first ballot for a subsequent Heat of the series if the first Heat has not been conducted prior to acceptances for the second Heat.
  10. Overall race times or Mile Rates are not taken into consideration for qualification to Finals.
  11. The NSWHRC reserve the absolute right to alter/change the conditions of this Series without notice, with written consent from HRNSW
  12. No Drivers Concession Apply
  13. Any horse that qualifies for a Country Series Final cannot be nominated in any state for a race of lesser prizemoney that is scheduled within a period of 4 days prior to the Final.